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8 + 1 ways to participate in the climate strike

In Finland, the climate strike day will be on 27 September. You can take part in the strike in several ways. We at Sitra encourage all Finns to participate in climate action.


Oras Tynkkynen


Hundreds of thousands of young people and children around the world have already marched for the climate. Recently, they made an appeal to us adults: they cannot solve the climate crisis on their own but need our support.

The adults will have their turn in September in global climate action week. As part of the week, we are being encouraged to go on climate strike for a day. In Finland, the selected strike day is Friday 27 September.

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has announced its support for the strike. At a national level, for example, the German union Verdi, with two million members, has also signalled its intention to participate.

Striking is a heavy tool. In countries like Finland, strikes are often avoided for any purpose other than as a direct defence of the immediate interests of employees.

Striking is a heavy tool. Fortunately, there are also many other ways in which to take part in the action.

Not all people want to or can march away from their workplace, not even for such an important matter as the climate crisis. If their work is directly related to reducing emissions, a traditional strike would not promote the cause in any way.

Fortunately, there are also many other ways in which to take part in the action. Below, you will find 8 + 1 tips on how to use the day for climate action.

  1. Workshop. Organise a training session or a workshop at your workplace to provide background information on the climate crisis and share skills to take action.
  2. Studying. Update your information on climate issues (read more on, for example, climate solutions and sustainable everyday life).
  3. Fast. Fast and donate the money you save to climate action through, say, an environmental or development organisation.
  4. Road map. Together with your colleagues, draw up a plan for reducing the emissions caused by your workplace and agree on further measures.
  5. Social media campaign. Follow parties and people who take climate action online, announce your participation in the strike and spread the word by liking, sharing and commenting on the content.
  6. Appeal to leaders. Appeal to your MP, council member or MEP to urge them to take rapid climate action, and write to readers’ letters sections.
  7. Volunteering. Offer to help take climate action outside your workplace in a way that best suits your skills and background. You can, for example, present a talk in school, collect money for an organisation or improve the energy efficiency of an elderly relative’s home.
  8. Carbon practice. Go through your carbon footprint and put together a list of actions for reducing it that fits into your daily life.

+1 Your own way. Employees, employers and workplaces are all very different. Discuss with your colleagues and unions what would be the perfect way for you and your community to participate!

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