The way we live, travel and eat and what we buy has a significant impact on the environment. To make sustainable everyday life easier we need more attractive products and services.


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Sitra’s Resource-wise citizen focus area promotes the change towards a more sustainable life in two ways: by inspiring Finns to make sustainable choices in their everyday life and by helping companies develop competitive sustainable products and services. Being able to live a good life within the earth’s carrying capacity is our mission.

A total of 68 per cent of all of Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions are caused by us, ordinary people. They are created in our everyday life by the way we live, travel and eat and by what we buy – therefore we can reduce these impacts through the ordinary day-to-day choices we make.

Sustainable consumption is becoming the new normal. This means that environmental considerations can become business opportunities.

What do we do?

By carrying out different experiments, we inspire people to enjoy better and more sustainable lives. We analyse how Finns are behaving now and how prepared they are to change their habits. In addition, we collect information on the impact of everyday life on the environment so that the information will be easy to find and use, and can also be used to encourage those in our social circles. More sustainable everyday life should never be difficult; it should be a good life that is inspiring and desirable, everyone’s own kind of life.

We help small and large companies develop their sustainable consumer business and assist them in finding each other in order to launch new kinds of innovations and co-operation. In addition, we organise company events in which we focus on business models and the new trends in consumer behaviour in the world. We want to expand the market of products and services that reduce the impact of everyday life on the environment – while also meeting the needs of consumers. We’re also interested in finding out what markets outside Finland have to offer: what works somewhere else might work here as well!

Who participates?

We work together with organisations, social movements, companies, public organisations and individual visionaries. If you would like to participate, please contact Markus Terho, the leader of the focus area – together we can be more successful.

Where are we now?

Our projects are currently under way. If you want to know more, please give us a call and we’ll tell you more!




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