The Fiksu arki (“Smart everyday living”) competition for companies called out for small companies with big solutions that make our everyday life more sustainable.



What is it about?

Sitra organised the Fiksu arki competition to promote the development of new Finnish solutions for smart everyday living. We looked for smart solutions for living, transport, eating, products, services and other aspects of everyday life.

The best 10 small businesses were selected for the Fiksu arki development programme- During the development programme the winners partnered with large company and received support for development and consumer trials, plus development assistance, worth 10,000 euros.

The jury

The winners were selected by a jury that included representatives from Sitra and from the major companies Fazer, Gasum, IKEA, the K Group, OP, Paulig, Realia Group, SATO, Tori.fi, Valio, Viking Line and YIT. These business partners of the competition were also the partners in the development programme and supported the winners in creating or developing their solutions.

The winners were published in January 2018 and the best solutions have been rewarded with a development programme that started in February 2018. The list of winners can be seen on the Finnish site.


Please contact us!

Do you have questions about the competition? Feel free to contact us for additional information on: fiksuarki@sitra.fi.

You can read more on the competition website (in Finnish) at: www.fiksuarki.fi.

Saara Rimon
Senior Lead, Nature and daily life & PSLifestyle
Sanna Autere


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