Shift 1.5

Want to involve people on sustainable lifestyles and accelerate action on climate? We can help you.

We need collective action

Have you ever wondered, how to increase people’s understanding on sustainable lifestyles? Or how to integrate regional insight into making change happen? Or how to use storytelling to catalyse action? Or how to build an inviting and inspiring journey for everyone?

Actions to build sustainable good life

Individual actions we all can take, every day, to build sustainable good life will change cities, companies and the world for the better. Now, we need collective action guided by a local group of practitioners.

Are you a group, collective or an organisation and want to accelerate the adoption of sustainable good life in your country, region or city? Then you are in the right place! We offer a variety of methods to engage people and catalyse action towards sustainable good life.

Come and build with us a global community!

Since 2016, we at Sitra have created and developed tools, ran experiments, and tested best ways to equip people in Finland to make changes in their daily life. Working together with cities, NGOs, companies and other organisations, we have tried-and-tested methods for how activation can be achieved. From this work, we have learned many lessons, created methods and now want to share them with you.

Our goal is to:

The Shift 1.5 community of practice

We offer lessons learned, practical experience and tools for all of this. And as icing on the cake, we offer tried-and-tested tools you can easily localize and use to catalyse action in your region. read more about our methods and tools in our Shift 1.5 Method book.

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Yes please! Tell me more about Shift 1.5

Interested in getting further involved with the work? The Shift 1.5 community of practice consists of teams around the world and our backbone team at Sitra for support.

Local teams develop, customise and implement solutions to reduce household emissions in their respective cities or countries. The work is based on the open sharing of tools, practices and lessons learned.

If you’re interested in getting to work, get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more:

Saara Rimon
Specialist, Natura and Daily Life

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Shift 1.5 Method Book


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Director, Nature and daily life & PSLifestyle
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Senior Lead, Nature and daily life & PSLifestyle
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Senior Lead, Nature and daily life

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