Shift 1.5 Method book

How to inspire people to live more sustainable everyday life?
The Shift 1.5 Method book is your guide.

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Have you ever wondered, how to increase people’s understanding on sustainable lifestyles?

The Shift 1.5 Method book is a kit of different methods that introduce you to the Shift 1.5 approach to sustainable lifestyles. It describes the main principles and philosophy behind the approach and most importantly works as your guidebook through your upcoming journey towards inspiring and enabling people to live more sustainable everyday lives.

The methods are divided into four categories: methods that help you and others to understand the context of how important ensuring sustainable lifestyles is in order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and how the impact of our daily lives can be quantified; methods that help you equip your team with regionally relevant human insight into making the change happen; methods you can use to catalyse wider climate action after you acquire the regionally relevant insight. Lastly, this method kit also highlights the power of positive storytelling.

Shift 1.5 aims at helping organisationts to inspire people to live good lives while reducing climate impact.
Image: Shift 1.5 helps organisations inspire and support individuals to live good and sustainable lifestyles. The Shift 1.5 Method book walks you through the different methods and tools to succeed.

This method kit is a co-creative project and will be regularly updated and iterated together with the Shift 1.5 community members. By following the structure of this kit, you will find examples of how to put together a coherent, independent sustainable everyday life project anywhere in the world. However, the content can also be revised in any order of your preference and according to what you think would work best in your region.

The Shift 1.5 Methods

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