The globe league

Sitra challenged non-profit organisations and associations to develop a solution that will inspire and activate people towards
environmentally friendly actions in their daily life.


The Globe League was created as a development programme for a wide variety of non-profit organisations and associations, whether large or small, national or local, sport clubs or knitting circles. It has sought and developed new ways to inspire Finns to make environmentally friendly choices in their daily lives. The Globe League has brought together the impact of organisations and sustainable everyday actions. The aim was to find excellent concepts, events, campaigns and services that would help people live a sustainable everyday life.

The non-profit organisations developed ideas of new ways to inspire people with which they applied to the programme. The goal of the programme was to develop these initial ideas into concepts that could be tested out with a target group. The concepts inspired people to make sustainable everyday choices that reduce their carbon footprints and save natural resources in their daily activities.

Development programme

Ten were chosen out of the organisations, associations or clubs that gathered together teams of three to six people to further work on their idea. The Globe League supported the development of these ideas into concrete and feasible solutions, which were then tested in real-life situations during the development programme.

The teams selected for the programme were each given €10,000 for trialling their idea. The team that took its idea furthest received €20,000 at the end of the programme. During the Globe League, the teams learned service design, conceptualisation, effectiveness, marketing, communication and the basics of ecological sustainability from experts in their respective fields.


Sitra challenged the non-profit organisations, associations and clubs to develop a solution that would inspire and activate people to take environmentally friendly action in their daily lives.

The solution could be absolutely anything. For example:

What we were not looking for, however, were initiatives solely designed to enhance an organisation’s own welfare or that of its members, such as introducing more sustainable replacements for food or drink products within the organisation or any efforts to improve the fitness of individual members.

Whatever the solution, it was hoped to be a clever concept that:




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