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Data and innovations give impetus to personalised medicine

Data, and particularly the secure aggregation of data from different sources, is of interest to the health technology field at present. Personalised medicine and gene technology are the centre of attention.


Minna Hendolin

Director, Business Finland


Business Finland is preparing a personalised health programme, making use of Finnish innovation and top-level research, to create new business around individualised healthcare platforms.

The programme will also help growth companies to raise venture capital and R&D funding, develop new know-how and attract international venture capital, R&D and business units to Finland. In the work, the benefit is derived from Finland’s unique data assets. Companies may apply for inclusion in the programmes.

In the future, the ecosystem will grow and new companies will join us to work more effectively for healthcare and well-being than they do at present.

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This is the part of our video series, which is linked with the 2nd Annual Nordic Precision Medicine Forum event to be held in Copenhagen on 20–21 March 2018. Sitra’s projects concerning well-being data and human-driven data economy will be presented at the event.


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