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A dream come true

Monday morning. It's raining, my task list is endless, there's no fresh coffee... Hey, wait! Work does not have to be boring. With colleagues like ours…


Tuula Sjöstedt

Communications and Public Affairs Lead


We may have the best employees in the world. They are bold, innovative, and talented – and easy to get excited and inspired by another colleague’s ideas.

That is what happened a couple of weeks ago, as our IT specialist Perttuli Arhola (Perza to us colleagues) had a new composition in his pocket. He asked his colleagues, if they (we) would like to help him in turning his instrumental song into a music video. Within just minutes, he had received so many enthusiastic comments in social media that it was just a matter of setting the date. And even that didn’t take long.

I never dreamed that it would catch fire like that!
– Perza Arhola

So, once the storyline was created, we would get up at an inhumanely early hour – especially to those of us who really are not morning people – and gather at the office on our own time to make Perza’s dream come true. And boy, were we all excited, on both sides of the camera!

This video, along with its presenting and marketing copyrights are our gift to the 50-year-old Sitra and the 100-year-old Finland. We hope it will inspire and encourage people all over the world to think differently, be more innovative and experiment new ways to get excited at work.

Happy holidays, everyone!
Future is made together.

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Perza Arhola


Markku Sjöstedt
Lilli Poussa
Perza Arhola

Cast (in random order)

Marja Pirttivaara
Jaana Ekström
Milma Arola
Sakari Heinonen
Lari Rajantie
Merja Seppänen
Anna-Leena Mansikkala
Mervi Porevuo
Topias Dean
Rea Karvonen
Antti Kivelä
Suvi Kiesiläinen
Ville Koiste
Arja Kantola
Liisa Lahti
Vesa-Matti Lahti
Hanna Häppolä
Tuula Sjöstedt
Minna Hillberg
Karoliina Ohrankämmen
Pia Heikkurinen
Sari Rautio
Pirjo Nikkilä


Perza Arhola / Brutal Art Soundlab 2017

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