Perttuli Arhola

Specialist, IT and digital services


Perza is a specialist in information and document management with around 20 years’ experience in the ICT sector. Technical problems and pleas for help from his colleagues end up on his and his teammates’ desks.

You can also admire his work in Sitra’s media publications and video streams.


Perza understands all sorts of IT devices, user interfaces, applications and production systems. Closest to his heart is media production: video editing and image processing, as well as video negotiation, sound reproduction and recording systems.

He started his career in IT at a PC repair station and has picked up Compaq, HDI and Microsoft certificates along the way. He graduated from special vocational upper secondary education in 1998. He has been working at Sitra since 2003 and has previously worked at Digital, Compaq and HP as a systems expert and consultant.

What else?

Perza is a good old-fashioned electronic musician burdened by a history of playing in bands. He has also worked as a recording engineer and producer. His hobby of repairing broken Apple equipment adds an ecological perspective to his palette of recreational activities.

You can also find him holding a camera in his spare time. These days, he is more likely to be taking videos rather than the portraits and natural or landscape photos he used to capture.

“As humans, we are never complete, there is always something new to learn. Each and every day.”