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Accelerating the internationalisation of industrial enterprises with the help of a circular economy investment programme

The new investment programme of Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) offers international growth opportunities for enterprises involved in circular economy business.



The circular economy offers growing global business opportunities, and in this sector Finnish companies have a lot to contribute. The funding of business endeavours aimed at strong international growth typically requires major risk-carrying capacity from the funding providers. Therefore, provision of funding in the form of venture capital investments plays an important role in the operation of circular economy-sector companies.


To accelerate the international growth of circular economy companies, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd Tesi has launched a 50 million-euro Circular Economy Investment Programme, used for funding enterprises that apply circular economy business models and aim at international growth. The programme also includes an option of 25 million euros, which can be used for making commitments to invest in venture capital funds making investments in circular economy companies. The first investment was made when the programme was launched in 2018. Over the next three years, the goal is to make investments in about 10 companies in all and to channel two to four times the amount of funding to the companies in the form of private capital. The investments will be implemented in collaboration with private investors in accordance with Tesi’s normal investment policy.

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