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Be a tourist in Finland

Much of the international media has praised Finland as one of the world’s best travel destinations, but how many of us really know Finland as a tourism country? Seasonal variation enriches domestic travel, and it can easily be combined with a visit to friends and relatives


Savings: You can spend a holiday in Finland much more inexpensively than in other countries. Spend the money you save on flights on train travel and experiences.

Remember this: Finns may not necessarily know enough about tourist destinations in their own country. Attitudes towards domestic travel may also be dismissive. Attitudes change when people look at Finland from a tourist’s point of view, for example by reading international travel blogs and magazines.

Reducing your carbon footprint: For example, replacing a week-long trip to Spain with a getaway in a Finnish city or an adventure in nature once a year reduces your carbon footprint by 14,6% per year.

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