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Biofertilisers from waste water

Aquazone and Ekolannoite have developed a solution that cleanses waste water and turns it into a fertiliser. Matter that can be used as a fertiliser is separated from the water using diaphragm technology. This way, the fields can benefit from the nutrients, and the water system is spared the chemicals and nutrient emissions.



The global water situation is constantly deteriorating as a result of pollution, climate change, population growth and industrial growth, among others. It has been estimated that by 2025, two thirds of the world’s population will suffer from an acute lack of clean water. In addition, releasing untreated or poorly treated waste water into the environment leads to local problems in food production and in the ability to obtain drinking water.

Solution: turning waste water into soil-treatment materials and drinking water

Aquazone produces technology and expertise, which can be used for remodeling waste-water treatment plants into water purification facilities. Waste water is primarily treated biochemically, where water, solid materials and nutrients are separated. The separated water can either be used for irrigation in agriculture or it can be recycled and used as drinking water. The treatment of the sludge consisting of the solid materials and nutrients is handled by Aquazone’s partner, Ekolannoite, which specializes in the manufacture of organic fertilizers and soil-treatment materials. The sludge is treated with two chemicals, after which the material is free of any harmful bacteria and is ready for use in farming or for other soil-treatment purposes.

Revenue logic and benefits to Aquazone and Ekolannoite

The total solution is still under development and requires the co-operation of several parties. The revenue logic will be based on building or remodeling plants and the use of renewed plants together with the owners of the facilities. The goal is to develop through joint operations where co-operation is developed with reliable local partners in developing countries. In addition, Aquazone aims to develop a model where full responsibility for the plant will be assumed for a 3 to 10-year period, which allows time to teach the local partner to use the plant effectively. Aquazone already now delivers components to waterworks plants, renovates full plants and optimises the use of plants in Finland. Ekolannoite, in contrast, already delivers full sludge-treatment plants and their components, and manufactures ready dirt and soil-treatment materials for customers in Finland.

Benefits to customers and end users

Aquazone’s waste-water treatment technology and the soil-treatment material produced from sludge by Ekolannoite can increase the availability of clean water and farming possibilities in developing countries. Cleaning waste water and the soil-treatment material obtained from it allows self-sufficient farming and also improves the ability to live in difficult conditions. Plant operators in other countries can be trained at the education centre in Mikkeli.


Aquazone in a nutshell

Main business: remodelling, design and delivery of waste-water treatment plants; manufacture and sale of water containers.

Established: 2009

Net sales: €1-50 million

Launch of circular economy solution: 2011

Share of the circular economy solution of the total business: n/a

Employees: 1-10

Based: Espoo



Ekolannoite in a nutshell

Main business: sludge treatment

Established: 2011

Net sales: under 10 million

Launch of circular economy solution: 2011

Share of the circular economy solution of the total business: 100 %

Employees: 1-10

Based: Mikkeli

Website: (Kemira Operon, Aquazone and Suomen Ekolannoite merged into Operon Group 9.8.2019)  


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