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Building a database enhances the circulation of materials

The Ministry of the Environment is examining the possibility of establishing a new kind of building database to facilitate further use of construction materials after their initial use.



Currently, there is no precise data on the quantity, quality and composition of the materials used in the built environment. To enhance the reuse of materials, there should be more information available on the composition, total amounts and geographical locations of materials in use or available for recycling.


The National Waste Plan to 2023 aims for a shift from recycling to a circular economy. The plan is based on the Waste Act, and it also sets goals concerning construction and demolition waste. Among other things, it aims to reduce the amount of waste from the construction sector, enhance the use of construction and demolition waste as reusable materials, and improve the accuracy and correctness of statistical data on construction and demolition waste.

In collaboration with Sitra, the Ministry of the Environment has set out to explore the possibility of establishing a building database. A preliminary study on the matter will be carried out in early 2019 in partnership with the Finnish Environment Institute, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and the University of Tampere. Based on the study, the development of an information service on materials will be initiated, enabling the management of the quantity and location of materials in use or available for recycling.

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