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What if your car ran on electricity?

Did you know that electric cars were already being used in the early 1900s? A quiet, easy-care car with low emissions produces no exhaust fumes and its service costs are just a fraction of those for a combustion engine car.


Savings: Driving to work with an electric car often consumes the same or even less energy than operating a block heater during the winter. The energy costs of an electric car are less than two euros per 100 kilometres while the costs of a diesel car are about eight euros. Switching to an electric car will save you money on both servicing and travel costs. The prices for public electric car-charging points vary, and some points may even offer free charging.

Remember this: Buying an electric car requires an initial investment because they are more expensive than petrol cars at the moment. However, in three to six years, their overall costs often reach the same level as combustion engine vehicles. The leasing of electric cars is also becoming increasingly common. The development of the charging network and other infrastructure is still in its early stages in Finland.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Using an electric car instead of a petrol car reduces your carbon footprint by 14% per year. If a million Finns did this, it would save the equivalent of 136,000 carbon footprints per year. Even though using electric cars is more ecological than using combustion engine cars, more natural resources are needed to manufacture them.

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