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Chimney made from recycled materials

Suomen Savupiipputeollisuus Oy has come up with a new way to make use of the blast furnace slag from the steel industry. The company manufactures non-combustible blocks that can be used for making chimneys.



Blast furnace slag is created as a by-product in the metal industry and it is important to find new applications for it. Currently, it is used as a foundation material for road construction and other less refined solutions. There is a demand for the recycled material in the chimney industry, for example, where the bricks used in certain types of chimneys are currently made of Icelandic lava stone. The carbon footprint of the stones, shipped from a great distance and separately quarried from the earth, is high.

Solution: chimney made of recycled materials

Suomen Savupiipputeollisuus Oy manufactures chimney bricks primarily out of locally created industrial by-products. The share of industrial recycled materials in the chimney bricks is over 90 per cent, of which blast furnace slag is a majority. The materials have passed quality auditing and have received the CE mark.

Revenue logic and benefits to Suomen Savupiipputeollisuus

Suomen Savupiipputeollisuus sells chimney bricks either directly or through resellers to clients building a house or a holiday home. The company’s main raw materials are obtained from nearby industrial side streams, which guarantees a cost-effective production chain. Suomen Savupiipputeollisuus is the only company offering such a product in Europe.

Benefits to customers and end users

Suomen Savupiipputeollisuus customers obtain a domestic circular economy product, which has been produced cost-effectively. The product is safe, durable and fulfills the strict regulatory requirements set for the material.

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