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A clean refrigerator is more efficient

A messy fridge or freezer doesn’t just smell bad. Dust also decreases the efficiency of a refrigeration appliance. When you keep them clean and well-maintained, refrigerators last longer and reduce your electricity bill.


Savings: Clean and well-maintained refrigerators save electricity. Dust behind a fridge or freezer, or in a cold-storage room, can increase electricity consumption by as much as 30%. Air circulation around the appliance should be unimpeded and it should be kept dust-free.

Remember this: Defrosting a freezer at any time other than in winter is difficult, especially if you’re using it to store valuable berries and mushrooms that you’ve picked. Move frozen products to a cooler area while you’re defrosting.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Clean refrigeration appliances have a small impact on your carbon footprint, but if a million Finns kept their fridges and freezers equally clean, it would save the equivalent of 1,000 carbon footprints per year.

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