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Crowdsourced recycling platform that connects all the stakeholders of the recycling process

Lack of recycling means that waste ends up dumped, in landfills or incinerated without treatment. The Live Love Recycle platform improves harmful waste management with communication and collaboration.


LiveLoveRecycle makes the recycling process easier and accessible to everyone. It connects people and companies in possession of unwanted waste products with entities who can reuse these raw materials. The app has become an integral part of life in Beirut, with 20,000 people benefiting from it today.

Live Love Recycle identified the garbage-recycling problem in 2015. They developed their own platform and started operating in 2018 thanks to the financial support they received from various national and multinational organisations.


Three billion people in the world do not have access to a recycling service. This issue is especially apparent in underserved areas like much of Lebanon. Additionally, there is a lack of contact and communication between parties that generate waste and those that would like to reuse these materials or products. The root cause is a lack of communication and transparency.


Live Love Recycle is a recycling application based on crowdsourcing that facilitates recycling and communal waste management for example in an area without a municipal waste collection scheme.

Through a crowdsourced platform, users can also take part in waste logistics: anyone with a bike or car can transport waste. For organisations scouting for reused materials, Live Love Recycle therefore reduces the costs related to waste logistics.

The organisation also provides users with waste data and assistance on recycling, while constantly supporting them in their waste management efforts. The platform is an efficient solution for fostering communal recycling and it benefits all parties involved.

By creating a platform that gathers information on available waste materials for people who could reuse them, the company contributes towards a circular economy.

Environmental impact

Live Love Recycle helps to keep materials in circulation longer and reduces the use of virgin raw materials, which decreases the negative impacts of resource extraction, such as on biodiversity. Resource savings also reduce negative environmental impacts connected to waste incineration and landfilling, such as emissions and pollution to air, water and soil.

Social impact

Live Love Recycle has created jobs in waste collection for 436 people from vulnerable communities. Assistance and advice provided by the application increases awareness of sustainable behaviours which result in improved recycling activity. This contributes positively to community resilience as well as the health and wellbeing of local communities. It also pushes officials to improve waste recycling schemes.

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