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Customised asset sharing platforms for businesses and organisations

Many companies’ materials and machines stand idle for most of their lifespans. FLOOW2 facilitates the circulation of such resources between or within businesses through a trustworthy platform.


FLOOW2 is a platform for creating online business-to-business marketplaces for asset sharing. This customisable and scalable solution enables companies from different sectors to boost the utilisation efficiency of their assets, materials, services, personnel and facilities.

The idea for FLOOW2 started from construction sites where surplus materials were laying around unused. However, competition issues and absence of information on the demand and supply between firms hindered any such exchange. FLOOW2 was able to overcome these issues by creating a “safe space” for sharing within a closed circle. From there, the service was broadened to other sectors, such as business parks, retail chains and healthcare districts, and continues to expand its scope.


All organisations have devices, equipment and materials that are not in constant use. Items stand a majority of their life cycle, while other businesses and organisations keep buying new products and materials. This means overproduction, overconsumption, idle capacity and spillage, which depletes natural resources and wastes energy.


Through the FLOOW2 marketplace platform, organisations can share, swap and sell underutilised assets. FLOOW2 utilises a subscription based internal service model and can be customised for individual organisations or communities that wish to better allocate their assets. With FLOOW2, organisations can achieve better visibility over their inventory and more efficient use of resources, which saves costs or even generates additional turnover.

Sharing assets is an integral part of the development towards a circular economy. FLOOW2 supports the creation of small circular sharing ecosystems and fosters circular action amongst participating organisations by tackling the lack of trust in asset sharing.

Such sharing models result in less products being bought, less materials going to waste, more accurate allocation of personnel and more efficient resource use overall. Fostering collaboration can also drive innovation and encourage the adaptation of more circular economy practices.

Environmental impact

By helping companies find opportunities for their byproducts or other unwanted materials, FLOOW2 reduces waste and increases resource recycling and reuse. This translates to a reduced consumption of virgin raw materials, reduced primary energy use and reduced use of fossil fuel-based raw materials.

Social impact

If the economy is disrupted by events such as pandemics or natural disasters, companies can agilely direct spare personnel from one area to another and guarantee continued work through FLOOW2. FLOOW2 also makes sustainable production more accessible for companies, indirectly enabling access to sustainable consumption. Overall, sharing builds stronger communities that are more resilient and perhaps even more equal.

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