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Ecological dryer for field products

Viljakas manufactures mobile, cost-efficient solar crop dryers. The dryer technology enables the drying of any plant species, and the payback period of the investment is significantly shorter than that of conventional dryers.



The structure of much farmland suffers because of monoculture. The use of special plants such as caraway and broad bean may diversify cultivation. Many grain drying machines are oil-powered, and their operating costs are high for farmers. There has been no suitable and cost-effective drying solution available for special plants to enable increasing their popularity and that of other small batches of crops.

Solution: ecological dryer for field products

Viljakas manufactures automated dryers using solar power. The dryer uses solar heat energy with the help of existing black roof or wall surfaces, separate solar collectors or other heat sources. Thanks to the new technology used, grain is automatically cleaned and mixed during the drying process. The mobile dryer model enables the drying process to begin in the field. The dryer can be used on any species of grain and it provides an ecological and easy solution for the drying of organic and special plants benefiting from a low drying temperature.

Viljakas’s revenue model and benefits

Viljakas manufactures and services crops dryers. The production is decentralised into a flexible system that can be rapidly expanded with the help of a local subcontractor network. This helps Viljakas keep its capital costs low. Packed in a sea container, the product is ready for use and can be easily transported to any part of the world – no separate assembly is needed. Being a cost-efficient option, the product is well suited to different operating conditions for drying special plants, other grains and organically grown plants.

Benefits to customers and end users

The cultivation of organic and special plants increases the profitability of farming. With the help of the new solution, drying costs can be reduced by up to 90 per cent compared to conventional air dryers. The easy-to-move dryer is suitable for shared use, and, thanks to the technology used, for the drying of any species of plants. The payback period for dryer investment is significantly shorter than that of conventional dryers.

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