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Endless joy and benefit

You’ll find shelves of information, stories, films and music ... all at your own local library. Today, many libraries also lend all kinds of other things: from drills to board games. Finnish libraries are the best in the world!


Savings: It costs nothing to use a library – that’s the best thing about it. It would be quite expensive if you had to buy every book you borrowed. Using the library also means you don’t have as many books gathering dust on your shelves.

Remember this: Many people buy books, films and music out of habit, even though the same material is available at the library. Some residential areas may be quite far away from the library. In that case, you should consider whether you could combine a trip to the library with other errands.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Borrowing five books a month instead of buying it can reduce your carbon footprint by about 0.5% per year. The savings come from the material and energy needed to produce books.

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