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Enjoy delicious food and feel good

Buying organic food supports forerunners in ecological and ethical production. Organic farming uses fewer fertilisers, pesticides or antibiotics, which is better for nature, body and mind.


Savings: You won’t save money by buying organic products, although many products may be the same price as traditional ones. On the other hand, buying organic can be seen as a small investment in our shared environment and making you feel good.

Remember this: You may not be able to find every product in organic form and, especially in small stores, the selection may be limited. Research results and opinions on the benefits of organic food still vary quite a bit. However, buying organic is certainly not harmful and larger stores have a very comprehensive range of products.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Buying everything in organic form five times a week can reduce your carbon footprint by 2% per year, equivalent to 900 kilometres of driving.

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