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IT equipment life-cycle management service

3 Step IT leases office equipment to organisations. After the leasing period, the equipment is serviced and sold. Extending the useful life of equipment is an integral part of the business model.



Used IT office devices are often disposed of as waste even when they have residual value and could be used in less demanding settings instead of expensive new equipment. Manufacturing new equipment consumes vast amounts of resources. However, there are data security concerns related to reselling old equipment.

Solution: IT equipment life-cycle management as a service

3 Step IT has developed a life-cycle management service that makes reusing old IT equipment easier. The service comprises three stages: acquisition, management and repurposing. Equipment received from companies undergoes a process that ensures data security, including the destruction of data held on the devices. Over 95% of equipment can be reused.

Revenue logic and benefits to 3 Step IT

Organisations buy a service that includes the financing of IT equipment, equipment database management and the equipment replacement service. Returned equipment is resold by 3 Step IT. The company is one of the largest sellers of used IT equipment in Europe.

Benefits to customers

The service offers an easy way for offices to have well-functioning IT equipment that is replaced as needed. Efficient life-cycle management saves IT costs and users’ working time. The customer pays for use instead of ownership, which means that the costs are predictable and allocated across the actual useful life. Customers can opt for used computers, and responsible life-cycle management of IT equipment can be included in the company’s environmental programme. The data security of old disposed equipment is guaranteed.

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