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Fall in love with vegetarian food

Challenge yourself to try a vegetarian diet for one year. The benefits are guaranteed. Your diet will become more diverse and your cooking skills will improve. Vegetarian food is inexpensive, healthy and delicious. An increasing number of us are vegetarians, so there is a wide selection of products and lots of peer support available.


Savings: Becoming a vegetarian really saves you money. Root vegetables, legumes and whole grains are inexpensive, and the prices of fruits and vegetables are also reasonable. Good vegetarian food doesn’t require expensive special products.

Remember this: Giving up meat requires a change in attitude and a new approach to cooking. Although meat dishes still dominate home and restaurant kitchens, testing new foods is fun and today there are a lot of vegetarian options. Nearly every restaurant – large or small – now offers vegetarian dishes or will make one upon request.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Giving up meat can reduce your carbon footprint by 7% per year. For example, this is equivalent to 4,100 kilometres of driving.

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