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Find delicious food and peace in the forest

Every year, most mushrooms and berries are left in the forest to feed animals or rot. People only pick a small amount of the forest’s crops. Getting out in the forest also provides exercise and fresh, clean and nutritious local food for your own needs or with which to earn some extra money.


Savings: Picking berries and mushrooms allows you to save or earn tens or even hundreds of euros a year.

Remember this: It can take a lot of time to pick berries and mushrooms, especially if you are inexperienced. The best spots are often secrets that people don’t share. Picking mushrooms requires care and knowledge about which mushrooms are edible.

Reducing your carbon footprint: If you have to drive to get to the forest, the mushrooms and berries that you pick cause about the same carbon footprint as store-bought fruit. If you can get there without a car, your carbon footprint will decrease. Try to combine your mushrooming with another driving trip.

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