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Fish fed with local ingredients reduces the nutrient load in the Baltic Sea

Fish farming produces nutrient emissions, but there are solutions that can help to reduce emissions by a considerable amount. Raisioagro manufactures fish feed from local fish species, which will help reduce the amount of nutrients that end up in the sea.



The majority of the planet’s fish stocks have been overfished. Yet demand for fish continues to increase, and, according to estimates, in the future this demand will be increasingly met with farmed fish. Currently, more than half the fish consumed globally is farmed fish.

Fish farming produces nutrient emissions which have environmental impacts, especially at the local level. Farmed rainbow trout feed on other fish. However, many fish species used in fishmeal are endangered species. The use of fishmeal made from species that are not native to the Baltic Sea increases nutrient loads.

Solution: fish fed with local ingredients reduces the nutrient load in the Baltic Sea

Raisioaqua has developed a method that helps fish farmers reduce phosphorus loads in the Baltic Sea. By producing fishmeal from the native Baltic herring and sprat, phosphorus contained in plankton eaten by these two species can be removed from the sea. The fishmeal is used in Baltic Blend, a feed manufactured by Raisioaqua from local ingredients. The sale of fish fed with the product helps to reduce phosphorus and nitrogen loads. The fish fed with Baltic Blend is sold by Raisio under the Benella brand, which has been granted the Heart symbol of the Finnish Heart Association. The consumer brand supports more widespread adoption of environmentally sound practices.

Revenue logic and benefits to Raisioaqua

The company’s revenue comes from the sale of feed products for fish farming. Raisioaqua works in close co-operation with fish farmers to design feeding programmes, and it also sells its own Baltic Blend and Benella brands. The comprehensive service facilitates close co-operation with fish farmers and supports their commitment to Raisioaqua, Baltic Blend feed and the Benella brand.

Benefits to customers and end users

Fish farming requires an environmental permit. Baltic Blend could provide a way to intensify fish farming, as it helps to reduce nutrient loads. In 2017 and 2018, more phosphorous was removed from the Baltic Sea with Baltic Blend feed than the Finnish fish farming industry in its entirety added to the sea. Marketing support from Raisioaqua and better consumer awareness promote the reputation, demand and visibility of locally farmed fish.

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