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Food for fuel, literally

Transport produces about 20% of Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, there are now low-emission alternatives to petrol. One of them is bioethanol, which is a Finnish product made from biowaste and also an environmentally friendly choice. Biowaste is best reused since it emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when incinerated.


Remember this: Ethanol can be produced from crops such as rapeseed, barley or maize, although it is worth remembering that greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the cultivation of these crops and the benefits of the biofuel may remain low. In Finland, however, the crops are not grown primarily to be used for biofuel. Instead, RE85 ethanol fuel is made from leftovers such as unused bread.

Savings: With a small investment, you can turn a car that runs on petrol or diesel into one that uses RE85 as long as the car does not have a direct injection engine. When a car running on petrol is updated to use ethanol, there is no need to manufacture a new car.

Reducing your carbon footprint: The proportion of biowaste-based ethanol in the liquid fuel can reduce the fossil emissions from driving by up to 80%. Driving a car that runs on ethanol instead of a car powered by petrol or diesel reduces your carbon footprint by 16.5% per year.

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