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Bags and accessories from surplus materials

Globe Hope is a trailblazer in the Finnish circular economy sector. The company differentiates itself by using high-quality design to make use of materials that would otherwise be wasted. The products are not only ecologically sustainable but also individual and cleverly designed. Globe Hope stays with its products over their life cycle by repairing and reselling them. It is an excellent example of a long-term sustainable business.



Textile production burdens the environment by consuming vast volumes of water and chemicals, and crops such as cotton take up large areas of land. On the other hand, synthetic fibres like polyester are often oil-based and therefore environmentally unsustainable. There are also problems in the textile industry with regard to human rights and the provision of humane working conditions. Good-quality textiles are often used for less time than they would actually last.

Solution: bags and accessories from surplus materials

Globe Hope manufactures functional design products from various discarded materials, such as surplus army textiles, canvas, advertising materials and safety belts. The majority of the products are destined for companies, but some are also sold via retailers and Globe Hope’s own stores. A customer company supplies a large quantity of one material, and Globe Hope then designs and manufactures products such as corporate gifts and sells them back to the customer. Reusable materials are recovered, and the need for virgin raw materials is reduced.

Revenue logic and benefits to Globe Hope

Globe Hope’s cash flow comes from the sale of manufactured products. Approximately 65% of its sales are B2B sales (business to business). The company receives materials for free or buys them depending on the need. The product design and material processing are the most valuable parts of the process, and involve a lot of handiwork.

Benefits to customers and end users

Corporate customers can reduce their landfill waste and disposal fees by offloading their surplus materials to Globe Hope for repurposing. Consumers are increasingly keen proponents of a sustainable lifestyle. When they buy a product, they are also buying into the story of the material. All Globe Hope products are designed with sustainability in mind: each product comes with a warranty, and the company offers a repair service. Up to 80% of customer claims are handled free of charge. Used Globe Hope products can be brought into a store for resale in exchange for a gift voucher.

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