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Genuine care-free driving

Having a car is fun and useful, but it also involves concerns, expenses and work. If you don’t drive every day, you should consider switching to rental or shared cars.


Savings: Owning a car is not cheap. In addition to the price of buying a car, you also have to pay for insurance, service and parking. With rental or shared cars, you only pay for what you use and you’re likely to save a significant amount on a yearly basis.

Remember this: Giving up your own car may seem like a huge change. However, you should approach the change as a relief and realise that you still have a car available whenever you need it. People who give up their cars have noticed that their life is less stressful because they don’t have to sit in traffic and no longer drive unnecessarily. In cities, they no longer need to look for a parking space on the street every evening, either.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Using a shared car four days a month can reduce your carbon footprint by 5% per year. The materials needed for car manufacturing are reduced when we don’t all own a car.

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