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Get thousands of extra kilometres out of your car

Preheating your engine saves you money and driving kilometres, because starting a cold engine is the same as driving 500 kilometres. However, using a block heater for too long also has a negative impact.


Savings: Using a block heater during the winter can save you up to 100 euros from decreased fuel consumption. You also reduce wear and tear on the engine.

Remember this: You may not have to preheat the engine every morning. You can solve this problem by using a timer, which will leave more time for your morning routines. A frost guard will ensure that you don’t overheat the engine.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Using a block heater for just one hour instead of six hours from October until March reduces your carbon footprint by around 1% per year. If a million Finns did this, it would save the equivalent of 13,000 carbon footprints per year – the same as that produced by the population of Hamina!

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