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Great tastes from the land of a thousand lakes

Choose domestic fish instead of cultivated fish transported over long distances. Every year a lot of fish are caught in our thousands of lakes for management purposes, but only a fraction of these are used in Finnish kitchens. When you buy local fish, you also support the Finnish fishing industry.


Savings: The price and availability of wild-caught fish varies a lot. Of course, the best savings come from fishing yourself. You can also ask your local grocery store manager to add Finnish fish to their selection.

Remember this: Many people think that most lake fish are inedible. For example, you may not be a great cook and it can be hard to find different fish species in your local store. We need to change our attitude and learn about new types of food. You can use fish to make familiar dishes as well. Pike balls, vendace sardines and roach burgers are a pleasant surprise!

Reducing your carbon footprint: Replacing cultivated fish with wild-caught fish twice a week can reduce your carbon footprint by about 0.2% per year, equivalent to roughly 110 kilometres of driving. The savings come from shorter transport trips and a decreased need for feed and fertilisers.

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