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Have you heard of the shower pledge?

The idea that we have an endless supply of water prevails in Finland, and this is also evident in the way we wash. It’s easy to control the length of your shower by turning off the tap while you wash.


Savings: An eight-minute shower every day costs you about 300 euros per year. Cutting your shower time in half will also halve the amount of money you pay for that water. On average, warm water costs more than twice as much as cold water.

Remember this: It’s easy to run water for a long time without understanding the effect it has on your water bill – and the environment.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Cutting your shower time from eight minutes to four minutes reduces your carbon footprint by 0.5% per year. If a million Finns did this, it would save the equivalent of 5,000 carbon footprints per year. In addition to lower water consumption, the savings come from the fact that less energy is needed to heat the water.

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