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High-quality used computers

The manufacture of new computers consumes huge amounts of natural resources, such as rare earth metals. Taitonetti sells high-quality refurbished computers. For consumers and organisations, a good-quality used computer is a wise alternative to a newer one of possibly inferior quality.



The manufacturing process for a single computer consumes approximately 1,500 kg of natural resources, which also include valuable and rare metals. In addition, a lot of electricity is consumed to produce computers. The greatest ecological impact from manufacturing computers is caused during production, which is why it would be good to extend their useful life as long as possible. Cheap computers are often not durable and repairing them may be unprofitable. However, not everyone can afford to buy high-quality computers that have a longer useful life.

Solution: high-quality preowned computers

Taitonetti buys high-quality leased computers used by companies and sells them to consumers and companies after inspecting and servicing them. Sales occurs both through the brick-and-mortar store and online. The company also services customers’ computers and updates older computers to make them more powerful and suitable for use in gaming. By extending the useful life of a laptop computer from three years to seven years, for example, the carbon footprint of the unit can be reduced by up to 50% during its life cycle.

Revenue logic and benefits to Taitonetti

Taitonetti’s revenue logic is based on servicing customers’ computers and the profits from selling computers, which is used to cover the acquisition and service costs of the preowned units. The computers in poor condition can also be recycled for replacement parts, which makes servicing more profitable than repairing computers using new parts. In addition, the company buys large volumes of units, which allows for more efficient large-scale operations and mass production.

Benefits to customers and end users

The customer receives a high-quality preowned business computer at a more affordable price than buying a new one. A warranty is also issued for preowned computers purchased from Taitonetti. In addition, the customer can be compensated for an old computer when buying a computer that has been repaired by Taitonetti. The customer is also acting in a more ecological manner when buying a preowned computer as opposed to a new one.

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