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Laser coating extends the service life of industrial equipment components

Kokkola LCC extends the life cycle of industrial equipment components, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and the use of virgin raw materials in manufacturing. By laser coating equipment components, Kokkola LCC reduces the maintenance costs of its customers.



The manufacturing of industrial equipment components exploits non-renewable natural resources and causes carbon dioxide emissions. About two kilos of carbon dioxide emissions are generated per kilo of metal produced. Furthermore, mining operations entail environmental risks. In the industrial sector, the general mode of operation is to acquire new components instead of maintaining and servicing old ones.

Solution: laser coating extends the service life of industrial equipment components

Kokkola LCC repairs worn or rusty equipment components for industrial companies by means of laser coating. The method uses a laser beam for adding and metallurgically bonding material to the surface of the component being processed, forming a coating on top of it. The company also applies coatings to new components, extending the life cycle of products.

The coating is added on top of a new component or a component in need of repair only where the part requires it and only in as thick a layer as required. In many cases, the lifespan of a coated component is many times longer than that of an uncoated component.

Kokkola LCC’s revenue logic and benefits

Kokkola LCC sells laser coating services to industrial customers. The company offers a comprehensive service, from coating to the finished products. The service is marketed at companies producing new components for equipment and companies needing to carry out maintenance on old components.

Benefits to customers and end users

Thanks to the coating, the components last longer, which saves customers’ maintenance costs. Because of the extended replacement intervals for the components, the customers’ maintenance logistics costs and greenhouse gas emissions decrease. The method is also environmentally friendly from the societal perspective: emissions caused by laser coating are equal to only one or two per cent of the emissions caused by the manufacturing of new components.

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