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When did you last go into the forest?

We Finns are lucky because nearly all of us have easy access to clean nature and a local forest. Hiking in the local countryside is a great way to spend your free time for many reasons: you don’t have to travel far, your stress levels decrease and at the same time you teach your children to enjoy nature and respect the environment.


Savings: A hike in the local forest is one of the most inexpensive ways to spend your free time.

Remember this: Cold weather and rain can prevent a trip to the forest. Hiking is easier during the summer, but with the right gear you can manage in any weather.

Reducing your carbon footprint: It’s difficult to numerically specify the impact of a forest hike on your carbon footprint. However, hiking helps children learn to understand the importance of protecting nature, which can affect their consumption habits in the future. Hiking in the local countryside also produces fewer emissions than travelling further or participating in many other leisure-time activities.


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