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Lower temperatures also get things clean

Wash your clothes and dishes at a lower temperature. Selecting the right wash cycle and detergent saves energy – and still provides good cleaning performance.


Savings: Lowering the washing temperature saves electricity. Washing at a lower temperature also helps clothes last longer.

Remember this: You might wonder whether the washing temperature affects the cleaning performance or always use the same wash cycle just in case. However, today’s detergents also provide good cleaning performance at lower temperatures. When choosing the right wash cycle, you should also consider what you’re washing: does a dress shirt that has been worn once really need to be washed in nearly boiling water?

Reducing your carbon footprint: Lowering the washing temperature from 60 to 40 degrees just twice a week can reduce your carbon footprint by 0,5% per year. If a million Finns did this, it would save the equivalent of 4,000 carbon footprints per year.

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