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A mass-produced clothing line from recycled clothes

The MEM range by Remake Ekodesign is a global trailblazer with its business model of turning old clothes into new ones by mass production. In other words, valueless textiles are upcycled into high-value items. This type of operation keeps materials in use and thus provides considerable added value.



It is difficult to find ways of reusing clothes discarded by consumers. The production of new clothes uses natural resources, and the textile industry is the second biggest polluter of freshwater globally.

Solution: MEM, a mass-produced clothing line from recycled clothes

The eco design atelier Remake produces ranges of clothes of recycled materials, such as used tricot garments, jeans and leather jackets. The range is designed by a master dressmaker and 100% manufactured in Finland. The materials are unsaleable clothes obtained from the Finnish Red Cross. Compared to clothes made from virgin materials, each garment on average saves approximately 20,000 litres of freshwater and over 10,000 kilograms of extracted materials, including minerals, fossil fuels and biomass.

Revenue logic and benefits to Remake

Local sourcing of materials reduces shipping costs and risks. A fully recycled, mass-produced clothing range is a globally unique way of producing garments. The products are sold online and at the store in Helsinki.

Benefits to customers

Products with an interesting story and individual style, combining fashion and environmental consciousness. The sizing and fit are designed for Finnish customers.

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