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Published May 15, 2019

A mobile application combining various mobility services

Kyyti’s mobile application combines public transport and on-demand ridesharing into one service, which gives service users an easy opportunity to select a journey that best suits their purposes.


Cars sit unused for up to 95 per cent of the day. Owning a car is a major expense for a household and also involves a lot of running costs. The car is often used by one person only, which further increases the carbon footprint of driving. On average, there are only 1.6 people in a car at a time.

Solution: a mobile application combining various mobility services

Kyyti Group brings all mobility services under one application. Users can order and pay for any mobility services they need using the app. With its service platform, Kyyti helps major transport-sector operators and authorities make mobility more efficient by providing all the information needed in one app.

Kyyti Group’s revenue logic and benefits

Kyyti Group offers the mobile application to public and transport operators for a monthly fee. Furthermore, Kyyti offers services related to the launch of the app, such as branding. Kyyti’s on-demand ridesharing service, being sold directly to consumers, makes the operation of the app even more efficient.

Benefits to customers and end users

With the help of the service, public and private transport operators can make their mobility services available to customers, while customers using the app can combine public transport and on-demand ridesharing services, which makes getting around without a car easier. It is easy for taxi drivers and individual motorists using the app to offer rides through the app.


Kyyti Group in a nutshell

Main business: Passenger traffic

Year of foundation: 2015

Turnover: Less than €1 million

Launch of circular economy solution: 2017

Share of the circular economy solution of the total business: 100%

Employees: 10-250

Based: Helsinki


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