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How to move on from a deadlock situation


  • Say to the participants that you think the discussion come to some kind of deadlock situation. “It seems that we are in a deadlock situation.”
  • Ask how the participants see the situation and what they think it is about. “What do you think this is about?”
  • Ask the participants whether they have any ideas for how to proceed in that situation. “Does anyone have any ideas for how we should proceed?”
  • If no one can think of a good solution, give the participants for a short break. After that, ask the participants to reflect on the nature of the deadlock situation again and to generate ideas for solutions. “Let’s have a short break now and then together return to think about how we can move on.”
  • If it is not possible to find a solution, ask the participants to reflect on what everyone can together learn about the deadlock situation and about what happened in the discussion. “It seems that we cannot move on properly at this point. What do you think we can learn from this deadlock situation and about what has happened in the discussion?”



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