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Office, recreation room, gym – they’re all close by!

What about having an office down the hall or making use of the building’s common recreation room?


Savings: Using common facilities saves money on your rent and that of others. Good common facilities can replace space and equipment needed at home, and you may no longer even need your own sauna or washer. This also makes it possible to save on your own living expenses, because a smaller home costs less in terms of price and maintenance costs.

Remember this: Use of common facilities may be restricted in some housing companies and others may not have them at all. Some common facilities can also be a bit bleak and unattractive. However, it’s easy to brighten up these spaces with a bit of work by the residents and some furniture and other decorations that are otherwise cluttering up people’s homes.

Reducing your carbon footprint: If using the housing company’s 20 m2 common facility lets you reduce the size of your home by 3 m2, your carbon footprint will decrease by almost one per cent per year. If a million Finns did this, it would save the equivalent of 9,000 carbon footprints. Building smaller homes saves materials and lowers emissions. It also requires less energy to heat a smaller home.

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