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Fill up without waste or gaining weight

It’s a good idea to have your entire meal on a single plate. This is an easy way to follow the healthy plate model, maintain normal portion sizes and reduce food waste. It also helps keep your weight under control and eliminates overeating.


Savings: You can save a lot on food costs when you think about what you eat. Don’t overeat at a buffet table either, even though you can get a lot for the one “all-you-can-eat” price. The cost for this is feeling uncomfortable and an unnecessary calorie intake.

Remember this: It’s too easy to overeat! Huge amounts of food are available everywhere. It’s tempting to try every dish at restaurants – several times. Even at home, many of us take seconds out of habit. It takes some time and determination to get used to the one-plate approach. It’s also good to remember that you only start feeling full 20 minutes after eating.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Eating 200 grams less each day can reduce your carbon footprint by about 2% per year. Emissions are lower because of a decrease in land use, energy need and fuel consumption.


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