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Online auction for public-sector property

Kiertonet makes it possible for public-sector organisations to easily sell on their unused property to any buyer. In an online auction, the property being sold gets a good resale price.



Public organisations buy a lot of goods, equipment and devices, such as electronics and work machinery, for their own use. However, when they are removed from service, there are no clear practices for managing such property. The value of the goods and, at the same time, tax revenues used for their purchase go to waste if the property is left lying in storage unused, given away below current price or discarded as waste. The public sector throws usable property away because it cannot find other uses for it.

Solution: online auction for public-sector property

Kiertoa Oy maintains an online auction, Kiertonet, where public-sector organisations can easily sell goods, property, equipment and machinery they no longer need. They can be bought by anyone – a company, another public-sector organisation or a consumer. Using Kiertonet, public organisations can get a good resale price for their unused property.

Kiertonet’s revenue logic and benefits

Kiertoa Oy charges a sales commission on any deals made, which is determined based on the price of the sold property. It does not collect any fixed charges from its customers. Kiertoa Oy also provides different additional services related to functions such as stocktaking, evaluation or descriptions needed for the sale of property or real estate. The solution can be extended to other countries at a low cost. Focusing on public-sector customers makes it possible to develop the service with the needs of this particular customer group in mind.

Benefits to customers and end users

The solution allows public-sector operators to rapidly obtain a price corresponding to the actual value of the property at low selling costs and without the need for unnecessary storage. The sale does not constitute any risks to the customer and it does not require any marketing expertise from the customer.

The payment process and the reporting of payments are implemented in compliance with the openness requirements for the public sector. With Kiertonet, the final user, or buyer, can be anyone. For final users, the online auction offers the benefit of being able to find second-hand goods easily and ecologically.

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