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Optimisation service extends the life cycle of industrial batteries

Battery Intelligence produces information to enhance the use and lifespan of batteries. Data accumulated in a cloud service helps customers select the right batteries for each purpose and recognise when to replace batteries.



Large batteries in industrial use are often unintentionally used in an incorrect manner, which shortens their lifespan. For example, batteries are run too low or lead-acid batteries are allowed to dry out. There is not much information available on battery usage rates and the profiles of batteries. The final user of the batteries is often unaware of how the batteries should be used.

Solution: optimisation service extends the life cycle of industrial batteries

Battery Intelligence sells to its customers a control system, operating on a cloud platform, that collects data on industrial batteries by measuring their voltage, current, temperature and water refill levels. When the customer adopts the service, the batteries are equipped with an IoT sensor that collects this data. The data collected can help the battery users, for example, select which battery they should use in each situation, or decide when they should replace a specific battery or which battery to replace.

The solution allows the batteries to be replaced and serviced at the right time with a view to extending their lifetime. In addition, with the help of the condition profile created by the system, it is easier to sell on usable batteries. Increased information on battery properties saves both natural resources and the costs of battery users.

Battery Intelligence’s revenue logic and benefits

Battery Intelligence sells the solution as a service charged on a monthly or annual basis, enabling a steady flow of income from customers. The database that is technically accumulated by the system also enables the use of big data for improving the services provided by Battery Intelligence. It is also possible to make shorter-term user profile analyses for customers, in which case the service is leased using single invoicing. For Battery Intelligence, a cloud-based system enables a rapid expansion of the number of service users without major costs. The solution successfully combines digital technology and the circular economy, and it produces clear added value for both the company and the customers.

Benefits to customers and end users

Customers who own and lease industrial batteries save on costs as a result of the batteries being used as efficiently as possible. Using the Battery Intelligence solution, the lifespan of a large industrial battery can typically be extended by more than 30 per cent, in addition to which the amount of unnecessary maintenance decreases. A cloud-based solution enables remote monitoring of the battery condition and planning of maintenance.

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