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A refreshing change with vegetables

Having a few vegetarian days each week is an easy way to feel lighter and reduce your carbon footprint. Vegetarian days don’t require any special effort. You’re sure to try out some new food dishes as well!


Savings: Your food bills will decrease when you buy fewer expensive cold cuts, steaks or cheeses. Making good basic food from root vegetables, grains and legumes is inexpensive. In the future, you can focus more on buying animal-based products that are better quality or even organic.

Remember this: A small change in attitude is needed if you’re accustomed to eating meat at every meal. However, a bit of planning will soon make vegetarian days a routine. Many vegetarian dishes – from puréed soups to spinach crepes – are already on the weekly shopping lists of many families and they provide a good start.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Three vegetarian days a week can reduce your carbon footprint by 5% a year, equivalent to 2,800 kilometres of driving.