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Rental platform for tools reduces the need for ownership

Many things, such as deep cleaners, evening gowns or holiday cottages are expensive to buy. Nevertheless, they are the type of things that tend to gather dust most of the time. offers a central marketplace where private individuals and companies can rent goods as an alternative to ownership.



Many things are only needed very seldom. For example, the manufacture of tools consumes resources and money is needed to acquire them, but the tools easily remain unused for a lot of the time. However, renting similar tools may take up a lot of the user’s time: the tool may not be easy to find or alternatives must be sought from many different places.

Solution: rentable solutions for temporary needs

Nettix’s service provides a marketplace where advertisers can rent out a variety of products ranging from vans and wood splitters to bouncy castles and marquees. The service brings private people and companies to the same place, enabling the party who wants to rent to easily find what is needed.

Revenue logic and benefits to Nettix

Nettix’s revenue logic is based on the commissions and service fees from rental transactions on the Nettivuokraus website and on selling visibility and advertisements. The ability to advertise rental products for free increases and diversifies the variety of products offered by the service. The company renting does not have any obligations or bear any costs involved in owning or managing the rented goods.

Benefits to customers and end users

Through the service, customers may both place their own goods for rental and rent goods owned by others. Typical examples of situations in which the service is used include renovation work, parties, removals and holidays. The service reduces the need to own the kind of goods that users do not need that often and offers an opportunity to test, for example, products related to various hobbies without major initial costs. Companies get visibility for their products through the service.

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