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Reusable postal packaging as a service

RePack’s reusable packaging helps reduce waste in online retail. End customers get a rebate for returning the packaging by post, which ensures a high return rate. The packaging products are owned by RePack, and online sellers pay a fee for their usage.



Postal packaging for online sale items is hardly ever reused. As online trading continues to grow in popularity, the volume of packaging waste increases.

Solution: reusable postal packaging as a service

Customers of online stores can choose this new packaging product as the delivery method. The packaging can be returned to any public postbox free of charge. Each packaging product can be used up to 20 times, which translates to an 80% reduction in the carbon footprint compared with disposable plastic packaging. The service model significantly reduces the amount of packaging waste.

Revenue logic and benefits to RePack

RePack has leasing agreements with participating online stores. The store pays RePack each time a customer chooses the delivery method. The consumer pays an additional fee of up to €4 depending on the store. RePack also receives commission for customers referred to online stores through promotional vouchers.

Benefits to customers

From the store’s point of view, the service model promotes customer commitment. Stores can brand themselves as zero-waste operators. The consumer receives a voucher for each returned packaging product, which can be used at any participating online store.

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