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Shared-use vehicles for companies provides companies with environmentally friendly vehicles, such as bicycles and electric cars, as a service. In addition to the environment, the service saves its customer companies’ mobility costs.

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Passenger cars cause approximately 10% of Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions. More than one in four trips taken by car in Finland are less than three kilometres, while those with a distance of under five kilometres account for almost one half of trips. Especially in urban areas, these trips could be taken by bicycle, electric scooter or foot. Company employees also often use passenger cars during the working day.

Solution: Shared-use vehicles for companies leases shared-use bicycles, electric cars and other vehicles to companies. The service makes it possible to book the necessary equipment for the vehicles, and also maintains its vehicles. provides information about the customer companies’ vehicle usage rates. Shared use can significantly increase the usage rate of a single vehicle and can reduce the need for parking spaces and thereby save money and natural resources.’s revenue model and benefits

The service sold by provides the customer company with vehicles, servicing, equipment, compensation for emissions and a digital management and follow-up application. also takes care of the condition of the vehicles, thereby extending their service life. Long customer relationships provide with useful information about the vehicle usage rates, for example, enabling it to develop its business. The service can be scaled based on a company’s size and needs, and the total price for the service is also determined along those lines.

Benefits to the customer and end user

Customer companies can get access to a range of vehicles via a single operator, give up their own cars and reduce their employees’ mobility costs. The customer does not need to take care of servicing the vehicles, which makes the customer’s daily life easier. The customer company’s employees can freely test different forms of transport and get the best-suited vehicle to use for each journey, which saves working hours.

FACTS in a nutshell

Main industry: mobility services
Founded: 2018
Turnover: under EUR 1 million
Circular economy solution launched: 2018
Share of the circular economy solution of all business operations: 100%
Staff size: 1-10
Based: Helsinki


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