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Sharing clothes conveniently with a smartphone app

Zadaa’s application encourages people to sell those unused clothes that gather dust at the back of wardrobes. Reusing the clothes extends their life cycle, and in a mobile marketplace distance is no obstacle to finding the right size and style of clothing.



A significant amount of our clothing lies around in closets, virtually unused. The unnecessary purchase of clothing uses up natural resources and overloads the environment. A huge amount of clean water is used in the production of one kilo of fabric. Litres and litres of various chemicals are used in the production process. However, the recycling of used clothing can be difficult as it may be difficult to find anything to one’s liking or in the correct size from a traditional flea market. It is also difficult to determine the fit of clothing purchased from online shops.

Solution: application to help in the sale and search of clothing

Zadaa’s mobile app searches for suitable clothing for the buyer according to his or her measurements and information, or searches for suitable buyers for clothing a user is selling. The buyer can see clothing sold by people of the same size. The products can be purchased directly through the app. The person selling clothing receives a notification of the purchase and a code with which he/she can send the product easily via Matkahuolto, DHL or PostNord (Finnish delivery services). The money is transferred to the seller once the buyer has received the clothing.

Revenue logic and benefits for Zadaa

Zadaa charges a fee for payment transactions. This means the company does not need to purchase clothing for itself and thus tie down its capital in a warehouse. Additionally, the commission-based revenue model lowers the risk and cost for both sellers and buyers because a commission is only charged for sold clothing. A larger number of users will, in turn, increase the appeal of the app.

Benefits to customers and end users

The buyer can trust that the clothing purchased through Zadaa will fit, as the buyer knows that the person selling the clothing is the same size. The person selling their clothing benefits financially from selling their clothing. The mobile app means that the range of clothing on offer is not limited by the buyer’s location. If a product does not meet with the given information, the buyer can get their money back via the company.

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