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Sitra’s investments Q2/2021

Review of investments in January-June 2021.


The market value of Sitra’s investment assets was 1 078 million euros on 30 June 2021 (976 million euros on 31 Dec. 2020). In the first half of the year, the return on investments was +12.2 per cent.

Company earnings recovered from pandemic slump. Monetary and fiscal stimulus also continued to support stock prices.

Sitra’s investments by asset type on 30 June 2021
– Listed equity investments  46%
– Fixed income investments  29%
– Real estate and infrastructure investments  14%
– Venture capital and private equity investments  11%

Sitra’s investment portfolio is diversified across geographies as well as asset classes. Over one third of investments are in Finland.

The long-term return target is 4 % p.a.

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