Sami Tuhkanen

Vice president, Investments


Sami Tuhkanen is in charge of Sitra’s endowment capital investments and venture capital investments. He is a Sitra management team member as well as a member of the board in some of Sitra’s portfolio companies and funds. Sami leads a team of experienced investment professionals.


Sami has over 10 years of experience of venture capital investments and being a board member. He has also worked for over five years in operative management. In addition, he has long experience in cleantech, particularly renewable energy and energy efficiency. He holds a Master’s degree in engineering physics.

Sami was formerly Sitra’s Director of Business Development and Investments, a Senior Lead on Sitra’s Energy Programme and a development manager for its Environmental Programme. Before joining Sitra, he was a senior technology adviser with the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) and an energy systems researcher at VTT.

What else?

In his free time, Sami likes to spend time with his family. You might also find him in a swimming pool, at the gym, on forest paths or ski trails, or by a floorball court.