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Sitra’s investments Q2/2023

Review of investments in January-June 2023.


The market value of Sitra’s investment assets was 957 million euros on 30 June 2023 (941 million euros on 31 Dec. 2022). In the first half year, the return on investments was 3,0 per cent.

The year 2023 started positively with share prices rising and interest rates falling. In March, problems in the banking sector increased uncertainty. Over the summer, markets focused on central bank interest rate hikes and on inflation developments.

Sitra’s investments by asset type on 30 June 2023
– Listed equity investments 44%
– Venture capital and private equity investments 17%
– Fixed income investments 19%
– Real estate and infrastructure investments 20%

Sitra’s investment portfolio is diversified across geographies as well as asset classes.

Over one third of investments are in Finland.
The long-term return target is a real return of 3 per cent p.a.

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